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2 laser cut chipboard doily border pieces. 7"w x 3.3"h  ..
1 laser cut chipboard 10 little fingers quote. 3.75"w x 4.8"h..
27 piece laser engraved and cut chipboard 12 days of christmas set. widest piece is: 3.5"w Leaping Lord Tallest piece is : 3.5"h dancer, maid, cow, drummer and piper Numbers are .75"h..
1 laser cut chipboard (1/16" thick compressed cardboard) 12" gear style 2...
2 laser cut chipboard "1st Day of School" sets. small - 1.25"h Large - 1.75"h..
Scrapbook laser cut chipboard paper crafts. 1  2 Cute 2 Spook Title piece 4"w x 3 1/4"h..
7 laser cut chipboard 2018 pieces. 1"h,1.25",1.5"h and 1.75"h..
10 laser cut 2019 chipboard pieces. .75"h ,1"h, 1.25"h,1.5"h,1.75"h..
5 piece laser cut chipboard and acrylic 2020 shaker set. You will receive 1 chipboard base piece,3 ring pieces and 1 acrylic divider. Custom sizes available just contact us. 4.75"w x 25"h..
16 laser cut chipboard 1/16" thick compressed cardboard 4 corner ornate pieces. small- 3"w x 2.5"h middle  - 3.6"w x 3"h middle  - 4.5"w x 4"h large-5.8"w x 5"h..
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