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Scrapbook laser cut chipboard paper crafts 13 laser cut wood baby, baby, baby pieces. 2 inches and smaller..
4 laser engraved cut chipboard baby artist trading coins. Can also be used on cards, tags, canvases etc. 2.5"D..
2 laser engeraved and cut baby on board signs. square- 4"w x 4"h triangle- 3.7"w x 3.8"h..
3 laser engraved and cut chipboard baby set. Stroller 3.5"w x 3.5"h Booties- 1.75"w x 1.34"h Baby blocks - 5"w x 1.5"h..
Scrapbook laser cut chipboard paper crafts wood veneer 17 laser cut chiboard baby pieces Largest being mobile 3"w x 4"h, stroller 3"w x 3 1/2"h and crib 3 1/2"w x  2 1/2"h other pieces smaller...
Scrapbook laser cut chipboard paper crafts 2 laser cut chipboard tags. 5"h x 2.5" w..
7 laser cut chipboard milestones word set. Tallest is crawling word 2"h because of the L and G The rest 1"h..
1 laser cut chipboard "snips & snails" title piece 4"w x 2.5"h..
3 laser cut chipboard stork pieces. top flying - 4"w x 2"h flying - 4"w x 2.75"h Standing- 3"w x 4"h..
2 laser cut chipboard twinkle twinkle little star title pieces. 6"w x 2"h star - .5"..
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