Quick & Easy | Large Tag by Romy

Quick & Easy | Large Tag by Romy

Hi Creative Embellishments fans!

What if you have only little time to create something pretty for a birthday party? That’s what happened to me last weekend when I wanted to give something handmade to one of my friends who was celebrating his birthday. Fortunately, Creative Embellishments makes it really easy to make a large tag in no time at all. Let’s have a look at the masculine tag that I made in no more than 15 minutes…

I started off using different layers of paper on a large label. After that, I took two pieces from the Gear Cluster Set: one cluster of three gears and a cluster of two gears. I attached the cluster with two gears on top of the other cluster to add a little more dimension. As you can see, the gears are a true eye-catcher themselves, so I actually didn’t need much more to decorate my label.

I only slightly inked the chipboard pieces with brown ink and attached a few other embellishments on top of them, such as a metal clock, jeans buttons and chipboard shapes. I also added three smaller gears from the Gear Set 2 Small to my tag to cover a few empty spots.

In fact that’s all I did! Within 15 minutes my tag was all finished, so I could hurry to my friend and surprise him with something handmade. Sometimes creating doesn’t have to be that time-consuming 🙂

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