“Do What You Love” Mixed Media Page By Heather Thompson

Hi all, Today I want to share a fun mixed media layout, this is a picture of Olivia at this posh restaurant we had the please of eating at on our last holiday. So many photo ops, almost like we were in a movie. (There is a bathroom story, but we will save that for another day.)


So I started out with a mood board sometimes it’s easier with a little inspiration. Found my paper, my photo and started to gather my supplies.

I made a quick video of the process.


I stared out using Distress grunge music note stamp. There is so many details in the paper, I added just a little more music notes to pull those out. I also wanted to pull the crackle out of the paper also and used a thick crackle paste and the distress grid stencil to help active that.


You might have seen me use the technique in the past, a layer of modeling paste, a quick dry and then stamp a design into it. Using the square pieces and crackle stamp, I added a little more detail.


Very rarely do I leave a chip pie whole, I end up deconstructing them to make them go farther and last longer. I cut apart the grunge heart corner and used the bits through out the page.

Here are a few more close-ups.



Hope you enjoy



Creative Embellishments

Grunge Heart Corner

Distress Grid Stencil

Distress Crackle Stamp

Grunge Music Note Stamp

Square Pieces

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