Love Shabby Chic Card and Envelope by Heather Thompson

Love Shabby Chic Card and Envelope by Heather Thompson

Hello all, I just would like to share with you today a wedding card and matching envelope I made for my sister, she has a wedding coming up and wanted me to make a card that matched the wedding colours. Almost a Prussian blue with silver accents.

I dug out some paper that matched the picture of the shoe she sent me. It was the only colour swatch she had to give me. I love making my cards dimensional so I usually make an envelope to fit the card and match.

Wedding Card and Tag 1.jpg

Here is a video of the creative process. And Seeing here in the northern midwest, summers are short so another day of creating outside.

Here are some close-ups for you.


I stated with some crackle past and the Greek Key Pattern Stencil to start on the bottom, Then I used some simple wax on the Love Heart.


I layered some ribbon with the distressed hexagon pieces. And topped it off with a flower cluster.

Wedding Card And Envelope

Thank you for stoping by today.



Creative Embellishments

Distress Hexagon Pieces

Love Hearts

Greek Key Pattern Stencil

Half Tone Circle Stamps

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