Beach Home Decor and Shaker

Beach Home Decor and Shaker

I love the beach.   It’s a peaceful place for me and a theme I use in my crafting quite often.
Creative Embellishments has the most wonderful chipboard designs for beach and sea related projects.
I bought an inexpensive wooden shadow box and thought I would alter it and make my own personal beach.    I have a “before” image below.


I grabbed a few of my favorite pieces from Creative Embellishments beach  designs and lightly dabbed them with acrylic paint.
Creative Embellishments  -Starfish and Sand Dollars


This piece of home decor has a bit of a twist however.  I turned it into a shaker to hold some sequin shaker mix, but to also hold some of the tiny shells found on the Caribbean Islands from a recent cruise vacation.
The shaker mix is from Buttons Galore and More.


The outside edge of the box was covered with some rope to hide the edges of the  acrylic shaker window.  Sometimes you have to get crafty to hide the rough edges.
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