My Puzzled Heart By Heather Thompson

My Puzzled Heart By Heather Thompson

Welcome back, I would like to thank you for stopping by today. Today I would like to share a canvas I made. An altered brush, a puzzle to ┬ámy heart. I have been sitting on a few ideas that I haven’t been able to get to, I decided to jump on this one and get creating.

Puzzle Canvas CE 4

Nicolle has been making some awesome stencils and chipboards for the store, I love how they work so well with each other. I started out on the  background with some texture.

Puzzle Canvas CE 3

I added the Puzzle Heart Stencil and filling smaller pieces with the Puzzle Pieces stencils. I wanted to add more dimension to the canvas and picked the centre pieces out from the Puzzle Panel and made them look like they were falling down the canvas.

Puzzle Canvas CE 2

Using the brush as the focal point, I added some smaller puzzle pieces to add some texture before building up around the brush with bits and bobs.

Puzzle Canvas CE 1

I love all the wood pieces in the store, the Heart Piece etched with the puzzle worked perfect to pop on the centre.

I finished the canvas with some dry brushing over a black base.

Puzzle Canvas CE

Here is a short video to watch the creative flow of the project. Most projects I start with a general idea. I build it up as I create, I gather a number of supplies, not even knowing if I will use any, then I just created.

Thank you for watching and stopping by today, happy creating.



Puzzle Piece Stencil

Puzzle Heart Stencil


Puzzle Panel

Ornate Pieces

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