Altered beer Mug

Altered beer Mug

Hi CE fans

Mayoori here.

Today I am too excited to share my altered beer mug ( my husbands Idea). I have tried it to make a totally masculine project.

Altered beer mug

Altered beer mug

20150921_093547 20150921_093644I started with applying texture paste to chain border , when dried applied a thick coat of gesso to give it more texture.

Then gave a coat of black gesso on the glass covering it fully . Once dried , stencilled using burlap stencil , and then letter and number stencil .

then stuck big gear on the mug and small gears inside the bottle caps. added some can opener rings and a moustache.

gave one coat of black gesso again.

applied metallic colors– silver, copper, patina, and some deep orange for rust.

Hope you will like it. i enjoyed making it and loved the result.

happy creating



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    • Caroline
    • September 25, 2015
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    What a work, lovely!

    • Peggy B
    • September 22, 2015
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    Very great project...but could you please tell me what adhesive you used?

    • Toni
    • September 21, 2015
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    Wow Mayoori this is incredible. Loving all the lovely texture and the wire on the handle is awesome. Loving the mustache what a great addition to your project !

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