Moment by {Laetitia}

Moment by {Laetitia}

Hi friends,

Laëtitia with you today. My big boy is an absolute fan of trains then I was trying to make a photo opportunity on rails which no longer serve. It was a bit cold that day and not easy to find original photo ideas to make !! If you have any ideas, I’ll take it 😀

Here is my illustration with products Creative Embellishments used :


Some close-up shots :

P1120428The Lamp Posts makes me think of an old railway station (don’t ask why, lol) and I think it’s perfect for this page.  I embossed it with embossing powder and I added the yellow Irresistible ink on the globes.  I used Autumn Leaves Set that I also covered with yellow Irresistible ink.


P1120429For the contrast, I took Distressed Chicken wire stamp with black ink. I used Keys that I also covered with yellow Irresistible ink. I love this ink 😀 And for the side old times, I stuck a metal embellishment.


Thank you for watching and you, what do you think of the rendering of my page ?

See you Soon 🙂




Products Creative Embellishments used :

Autumn Leaves Set Autumn Leaves

Keys Lamp Posts

Distressed Chicken wire stamp

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