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Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Please be aware shipping times are slower now because of the pandemic. We are not in control of shipping charges and will be subject to change. We provide a tracking number and if you have any question we encourage you to reach out to USPS. We are a small business and have no pull with them. We very often are told nothing more then what the tracking says. We have no control over the package once it leave our hands.

Creative Embellishments is a cut to order business. We do not stock products. Processing times for retail orders is 5-7 business days (Monday- Friday)  depending on the size of your order. (it may take a little longer if we are running a sale) Please feel free to email us anytime on the status of your order. 

Email -

We ship our products via USPS and use shipping station to ship them.

Rates for Retail orders are below. Whole orders shipping costs will vary depending on the weight of the package.

All shipping rates are subject to change as the post office changes prices often.

United States Flat Rate $5.00

Canadian Rate starts at $14.00 (subject to change)

All Other International Rate starts at $20.00 (subject to change)  We are not responsible for taxes or duties your country applies them.

Wholesale shipping prices vary depending on size of order.

Domestic: Retail orders are shipped first class mail which does NOT include processing time. You will receive a tracking number when we ship your order. Please allow 24 hours for your information to show up on tracking at Please be sure to check your junk or spam folder as it may end up there. Some may not even get the email since it all depends on your email settings.

International: Retail orders are shipped first class mail which again does NOT include processing time. You will also receive a tracking number when we ship however tracking is only available until it leaves the  USA. Once it leaves our country the tracking is no longer available and it will appear as it is sitting at customs even though it's on it way to you. Faster shipping is available at customers cost. Please email us if you need it sooner. 

Wholesale order  processing times are 7-14 business days (Monday- Friday) it may take longer depending on size of order. Again please feel free to email us on  the status of your order.

Domestic wholesale orders are shipped USPS priority 3 to 4 day shipping method. That does not include processing times. The cost varies depending on the size of your order.

International wholesale orders are shipped using First Class Postage (tracking stops one it leaves the USA) or Priority 6-10 day shipping and varies on the size of your order. Quicker shipping may be available but at additional cost. Please email us letting us know if you want a quicker shipping method. 

Please note:

Once a package is shipped and /or shows on as delivered we are no longer responsible for that package. WE have no control over the package once it leaves us. Please contact USPS with any issues. If you would like to purchase insurance on your packages please email us and we will add to your order at your cost. Thank you for your understanding.

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